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Many people are seeking natural therapies for mental wellness and cognitive performance. The practice of using entheogens to manage mental wellness is receiving growing attention from both the public and the scientific community for its potential to be used therapeutically. 


Using entheogenic medicines requires responsibility and accountability. Contrary to traditional pharmaceutical therapies which manage SYMPTOMS, plant based therapies require an integrated approach to manage the underlying PROBLEMS that challenge mental health and wellness.


If you have made the decision to turn to plants for healing, we applaud you and hope to provide the information and resources needed to empower you as a “self-healer”.  The goal of our work is to help you observe and understand your subconscious patterns and conditioning and encourage practices to help you manage how your brain and nervous system interact.


Yes, this information can sound confusing and overwhelming and you might be thinking to yourself, “I thought I could just take a pill and get better”. The idea that a pill alone can make us “better” speaks to the traditional conditioning of the pharmaceutical industry and as stated previously, does not address the underlying PROBLEMS but only manages SYMPTOMS.  


With that said we suggest you take the time to learn about best practices for “self-healing”, join communities of like minded people embarking on the same journey or connecting with someone experienced who can guide you through your psychotherapy journey.


We hope you will find the proper resources for all of these items within the site, but if questions still need to be addressed, feel free to reach out directly and we can help guide you.