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What is microdosing?

Microdosing refers to a specific technique of administering a psychedelic, taking a small dose (50-250mg or one-tenth of a full dose) over a course of therapy.

How often should I microdose?

There are a few dosing protocols available (Stamets Protocol, Fadiman Protocol, etc.) that can be referenced online.  Our easy recommendation is to dose every other day in the morning.

Is microdosing safe?

For a majority of people, microdosing is extremely safe as psilocybin is non-toxic and overdose is impossible.  Cruzies products are PsiloSafe Certified meaning they meet a standard for safety.

People with schizophrenia or other mood disorders should consult a physician before taking psilocybin.  At certain doses, psilocybin can cause impairment so avoid driving or operating machinery.

Will I be able to function in my day to day life while microdosing?

Yes, a typical microdose is only 1/10th of a “recreational” dose.  While some people will have no perceived effect, psilocybin only needs to be absorbed at low doses to achieve beneficial effects.

Sensitivities change from person-to-person so start small and work up to achieve the effect you desire.  Best to start your first experience on a day you can relax, detach and enjoy.

How long does microdosing last?

Psilocybin will activate with 20-60 minutes.  Perceived effects typically last 2-6 hours.

Why can’t I microdose every day?

Your body builds up a tolerance to the mushrooms making it ineffective if you don’t take 2 days off every 5 days.

Does Psilocybin rewire the brain?

Recent research has suggested that microdosing Psilocybin mushrooms cause the brain to create new links between previously unconnected regions. Researchers think that the psilocybin is binding to brain receptors that stimulate growth and healing, acting on the hippocampus, a small part of the brain that is essential to learning and forming memories.

What are microdosing effects?

Microdosing can improve mood, physical stamina and focus, increase creative thinking, calm anxiety, decrease the need for caffeine, and reduce depression.  It has been reported that ong-term effects from a consistent regimen in conjunction with psychotherapy can improve symptoms associated with chronic anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, emotional dysregulation, and brain trauma.

Can Psilocybin be detected in a drug test?

Psilocybin mushrooms are not commonly seen on routine drug tests, although certain specialized tests might detect them. It is also unlikely to find any traces of Psilocybin Mushrooms in a user’s system after 24 hours.

What are the types of mushrooms in microdosing?

The Golden Teacher strain of cubensis mushrooms is the most often-used in miicrodosing but often times a blend of multiple strains is incorporated.

How much should I microdose?

A typical microdose is only 1/10th – 1/20th of a recreational “trippy” dose.  Cruzies offers 100mg MINI, 250mg MICRO, and 500mg MACRO so that the user can experiment and select the strength that best suits their needs.