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PsiloSafe Certified

PsiloSafe Certified is a certification process for producers of psilocybin mushrooms and brands containing psilocybin. In general, any business directly involved in production of products containing psilocybin can be certified.

PsiloSafe certification addresses a growing demand for psilocybin based products and provides a set of baseline parameters to follow. It is intended to assure quality of production and consistency of dosing and effects listed on product labeling.

As awareness of using psilocybin for mental wellness has grown ahead of much needed decriminalization, and as consumers are currently purchasing these products through traditional channels, a third-party regulatory certification is needed.

To achieve PsiloSafe Certification, applicants must exhibit high standards in these four pillars of evaluation.



All Natural cultivation using grain spawn and CVG substrate free of harmful chemicals and contaminants such as pesticides. glyphosate, fungicides, hormones, and heavy metals.



Consistently using the highest quality fruits with shelf appeal, minimal broken veils, cracker dry, no spores present and free of mold.



Verified free of contaminants and heavy metals, accurate data on included compounds, and potency data listed on the packaging.



Confidence that the amount of active compounds listed on the packaging is in the product. Delivering a consistent effect and experience.

Keeping the end consumer in mind, our goal is to make sure you are consuming products you can trust. Consume confidently by only choosing brands that are PsiloSafe Certified.

* PsiloSafe believes that Local, State and Federal concerns should have no authority over the unalienable rights of Humans to access plants and fungi for any purpose including personal healing, consciousness expansion, and gaining new perspectives on living in harmony with Nature *