Ancient Remedy Journey Kit - Cruzies
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Ancient Remedy Journey Kit


Product bundle for an insightful and healing journey followed by integration work.


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The Journey Kit is designed for two people to have a mind-expanding journey for heart opening, harmony, and healing.


We included 7grams of our Cutie Cubies cubensis mushrooms which will provide more than enough material to send you and your journey mate into the zone. Also included is our Heart Opening San Pedro Tincture to use before and after the journey to promote calming and deep introspection.


The time immediately after the journey should be spent in reflection, discussion, and journaling. To develop a deeper perspective and purpose of the messages received during your journey, use the Lotus Empathogenic Tincture in the days and weeks to follow (suggested to link with one of our integration specialists 1:1 or use the QR code in the kit to participate in the TAM Integration weekly discussion circles online.  The Cruzies Micro 250mg microdoses are included for after-care and should be taken a few days post journey about every 2-3 days.



  • Ancient Remedy Cutie Cubies (7gram) – Bite sized cubensis mushrooms that pack a punch and are easy to consume.  We recommend taking 2-3grams per journey (or per person) to promote insight and spiritual connection.
  • Ancient Remedy Heart Opening Tincture – This San Pedro based tincture is designed to promote deep introspection, calming, and healing but will not deliver any heavy perceptual effects.  3-5 drops before and after your journey is sufficient and will act as a “supportive guide”.
  • Cruzies Micro 250mg – Medium dose of cubensis mushrooms (1/4 gram per capsule) blended with Lions Mane and Cacao. This blend will offer mild to moderate perceptual effects and is helpful for after-care following a deep journey.
  • Ancient Remedy Empathogenic Tincture – With white, red, and blue lotus blended with Kanna and other heart opening herbs, this tincture is crafted to assist with post-journey integration.
  • Ancient Remedy Beanie Hat
  • Journey Guide Booklet
  • Eye Covers
  • Sticker Pack